Barbelle Boaz counsellour psycho therapist

My professional development and qualifications:

I studied Social Work at the Duesseldorf University for 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work specialising in Psychiatric Social Work.

This Social Work study included 2 years of Rogerian counselling training and 1 year of Systemic Family therapy training.

After I immigrated to Aotearoa I worked for Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB) Mental Health Services as a Social Worker for 5 years until I decided to move to Auckland to study Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

In 1996 I graduated from AUT with a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and made a professional start in Auckland working full time for 3 years.

During my studies at AUT I trained in Supervision and in 1997 I completed a 7 day course in Clinical Supervision at the CIT.

In 1999 I returned to Nelson and worked at Relationship Services.  In 2001 I returned to work part time at NMDHB Mental Health Services and started my private practice.

In 2007 I decided to train with Helen Loveday as a Bioresonance therapist.  I obtained my Certificate in Bioresonance therapy from the Regumed Institute in May 2008.  In January 2012 I received my Certificate of Proficiency as a Bioresonance Therapist from the Regumed Institute.  In 2008 I worked for one year part time as a Bioresonance therapist from Helen Loveday’s practice.  I then purchased my own Bicom 2000 machine and worked from my own practice.


My social and family background:

My father was born in Lithuania and was Jewish,  my mother was Polish.  After the second world war my parents were not able to return to their home countries.  They met and raised a family in what had become West Germany.

I grew up as their youngest child in a state housing area in Hamburg, identifying proudly as working class.